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Indigenous Rooibos tea farmers seek a fairer deal

South Africa's indigenous rooibos tea farmers seek a fairer deal - Financial Times report by Joseph Cotterill Financial Times July 27, 2021 In an article published on July 27, Financial Times correspondent, Joseph Cotterill reports on one of the Khoi and San communities in South Africa's Cedarberg mountain region where the rooibos tea plant occurs in the wild.  In 2019, the community - the...

World Wildlife Day: Emotive and poorly informed campaigns could harm conservation efforts – Daily Maverick. Author: Leith Meyer 2019-03

indigenous land rights

In the News in November

In the News - November 2020 A roundup of recommended recent articles, papers, podcasts and more The Mongabay Newscast: Indigenous land rights and the global push for land privatization A discussion about the importance of securing Indigenous land rights within the context of a global push for land privatization took place in November on the Mongabay Newscast. A study published in Nature...

UN Summit on Biodiversity 2020: Leaders Pledge for Nature

Leaders' Pledge for Nature recognizes local community rights Commitment to the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples and local communities in decision making and recognition of their rights, as acknowledged in relevant national and international instruments (2c) is among pledges made by political leaders ahead of the September 2020 UN Summit on Biodiversity. .  Read the Leaders'...
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