conservation investment

How conservation investment could be a lifeline for endangered species

The Financial Times published this article about conservation investment in November, 2019.  Read the full article here. Summary: When the Zoological Society of London in July unveiled a $50m “rhino impact bond” the response was “off the charts”, according to Oliver Withers, the organisation’s head of conservation finance. “It got to the point that we were not in a position to handle...

Zambia NCRBA calls for suspension of trophy hunting until communities receive funds owed

Published in Africa Geographic September 26, 2019. Read the article here Summary: Africa Geographic reports that The Zambia National Community Resources Board Association (ZNCRBA) has called for the immediate suspension of trophy hunting in all hunting blocks until the government releases all funds owed to communities through the individual Community Resource Boards (CRBs). The CRBs have now...
CITES rhinos

South Africa’s proposal to CITES on White and Black Rhino

Read Africa Geographic's report on South Africa's proposal to CITES on White and Black Rhino here Summary: The South African Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Barbara Creecy, requested public comment of a scientific nature on her proposal to: 1. Enable the international trade in white rhino horn by down-listing the white rhino on CITES. 2. Increase the annual quota of black rhinos...
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