wildlife trade

Global wildlife trade higher than thought

Extract: In an article on October 7, 2019, BBC science and environment writer Helen Briggs reported the findings of scientists from universities in the US and UK, who jointly analysed data collated on a range of species, which reveal that the wildlife trade is about 50% higher than previous estimates. "The sheer diversity of species being traded is astounding - the risk that that will grow is...
pangolin CITES

Summary of the sixty-ninth meeting of the CITES Standing Committee: 27 November to 1 December, 2017

Earth Negotiations Bulletin - A Reporting Service for Environment and Development Negotiations published the summary of the 69th Meeting of CITES Standing Committee, held 27 November to 1 December, 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. "On Friday, the sixty-ninth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES SC69) convened...
trade of ivory

Yahoo Japan ends trade of ivory

Al Jazeera reported the decision by Yahoo Japan to end the trade of ivory from November, 2019. The announcement was published on its website and came as a result of pressure from conservationists. Yahoo Japan corporation says it will ban the sale of ivory on the country's largest online auction site, two years after its two largest domestic competitors made a similar pledge.In a statement on...
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