non-consumptive tourism

Consumptive vs. non-consumptive tourism – NAPHA. Denker 2019-04

The author, Hagen Denker, in an article that appeared on the NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunters Association) website and its social media pages in 2019 observes "it is often claimed that “non-consumptive” tourism has a low impact and low carbon footprint on the natural environment.", he asks the question: "But what does this actually mean? And how does this compare to “consumptive”...
community based tourism

Looking beyond hunting and tourism for community benefits – Luc Hoffman Institute. Author: Melissa de Kock. 10.2019

In her 'thought piece' entitled Looking beyond hunting and tourism for community benefits published in October 2019  by Luc Hoffman Institute , Melissa de Kock (WWF-Norway, Senior Advisor: Conservation, Climate and Communities) states that for community based conservation to evolve beyond the existing models based on tourism and hunting, initiatives such as those taken up jointly by Luc Hoffman...
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