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Rights-based approaches are a powerful way of promoting equitable governance: IIED Natural Resources Group

Rights-based approaches are a powerful way of promoting equitable governance

IIED Natural Resources Group
IIED Briefing September 2021: The post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) currently being negotiated seeks to transform society’s relationship with biodiversity, including a much bigger role for protected and conserved areas (PCAs). This briefing demonstrates that transformative change requires governance that is not only inclusive but also equitable, in terms of respect for rights, participation in decision making, transparency, rule of law, dispute resolution and sharing of costs and benefits.
We argue that equity in an environmental context is largely a matter of governance, not management, and that a devolved and rights-based approach is a powerful way of promoting equitable governance. We set out important recommendations for the GBF to include equitable governance as a key part of its strategy for PCAs, as well as in the overall enabling conditions for the framework to succeed. Now is the time to strengthen these components in the GBF — the decisions taken by leaders over the next nine months will guide international and national efforts over the coming decade that are critical to combating the biodiversity crisis.
How to cite: Franks, P. (2021). Global Biodiversity Framework: equitable governance is key. IIED, London. https://pubs.iied.org/20386IIED
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