US hypocrisy

In conservation efforts, US hypocrisy is undermining African countries’ proven accomplishments – Washington Examiner

In conservation efforts, US hypocrisy is undermining African countries' proven accomplishments - Washington Examiner

The USA uses hunting to fund conservation efforts, which contribute to the global goal of protecting 30% of the earth by 2030. Yet these authors point out the hypocrisy of the US position, as it is considering legislation that will prevent Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania from doing the same thing. These countries are either close to, or have exceeded the 30x30 target, which includes land managed for trophy hunting. Why does the US want to make conservation more difficult for these African countries?

“What would it look like if trophy hunting were to stop and hunting revenues were taken away? The picture is grim. Researchers with the University of Pretoria in South Africa have calculated that if just the trophy hunting of lions were to end, more than 47 million acres in Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe might lose their economic viability as conservation areas. Should the trophy hunting of all species substantially decline, a result the measure being considered by Congress would likely produce, the negative affects on conservation areas will be far more devastating and widespread in these countries.

“Is photo tourism a possible alternative funding mechanism? No. While photo tourism is a powerful driver for conservation in some places, it is not a turnkey replacement for trophy hunting. Photo tourism’s potential to fund conservation crashes when confronted with areas that are too remote , too hot, too dry, and too dangerous to welcome the typical tourist but nonetheless provide important wildlife habitats and the kind of wilderness experience hunters seek.”

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