Communications and Advocacy position

Communications, Advocacy & Research Officer Resource Africa United Kingdom (RAUK)

ResourceAfrica UK (RAUK) is a UK charity established in 1991. Along with its sister organisation, ResourceAfrica South Africa (RA-SA) – collectively RA, it has played a key role in promoting the concept and application of sustainable use of natural resources – particularly wildlife – as a conservation and development strategy both within Southern African and in relevant international policy bodies. Its focus has been on promoting Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) and its ability to meet the triple objectives of conservation, poverty alleviation and good governance. The primary strategy used was to ensure that the perspectives of marginalized rural communities were heard and influenced policy processes at national, European and international levels; and exposing the sound science bolstering sustainable use as a conservation strategy.

RAUK’s work is founded on the recognition, informed by decades of practice and scholarship, that policy is most likely to lead to sustainable environmental management and resilient livelihoods, when it strengthens the rights and enhances the livelihoods and well-being of those immediately dependent upon these resources. To achieve this RAUK believes that it is essential that policy making processes at international, regional and national levels are informed by and respond to the perspectives and needs of rural communities, who have the ability to address policy making processes directly, enabling them to secure a role as valued and equal partners in policy making at all levels.

Reflecting the changing global and African context, RAUK has over the years evolved its focus to explicitly support Southern African communities’ efforts to exercise their rights and secure resilient and sustainable livelihoods by promoting greater global, regional and national commitment and action towards policy, market and legal reforms that secure the rights of rural African communities to own, control and benefit from natural resources on which their livelihoods rely.

The current aim of RAUK is to encourage communities, governments, donors and international institutions to combine efforts to advance three goals: Firstly, to increase local ownership and administration of land and natural resources, with secure rights to use and trade products and services; Secondly, to reduce poverty and enhance resilience to climate change; and Thirdly, to enhance sustainable and productive forms of land use and ecosystems management. RAUK believes that with limited incremental investment in improved coordination, partnerships and expanding networks, RAUK can increase its contribution to the rights and development of peoples dependent on the natural resource base for their livelihoods, as well as to conservation and more equitable economic and social development in Africa.

Position: Communication, Advocacy, and Research Officer


Position: Communication, Advocacy and Research Officer

Reporting to: European Programme Director

Reports: Prepare and submt of monthly reports

Terms of Engagement: Full Time

Scope of Work

The Communications, Advocacy and Research Officer will work closely with the RAUK programme team and will be responsible for:

Communications and Networking:

  1. Identify media allies (Journalists, Social Media Influencers) in the international space, particularly UK, EU, USA and Canada in order to grow and maintain a database; 
  2. Analyse the media monitoring reports on issues of strategic interest to RA (Advocacy related policy processes, legislation and Animal Rights Campaign) by media outlets based in UK, EU, USA and Canada, propose follow up action and manage these activities with team;
  3. Monitor relevant online and print media, determine its influence on public opinion on CBNRM and SU and liaising with the communications team for actioning;
  4. Contribute as appropriate to online and print communication products and materials to support RA’s international advocacy and messaging;
  5. Lead International Media PR;
  6. Provide editing support for RA documents on a needs basis;
  7. Source relevant content for different distribution channels both online and print media including video, webinars and podcasts related to international advocacy.

Advocacy and Lobbying:

  1. Provide support on monitoring of EU, UK, USA, Canada political and policy context including relevant legislative processes and social perceptions regarding SU of wildlife and CBNRM and advising RAUK and partners on appropriate response and interventions;
  2. Contribute to develop appropriate responses to Nos. 1, as well as pro-active communications and advocacy opportunities;
  3. Contribute, where appropriate, to organising specific events (trips, meetings, interviews, conferences, webinars) to enable RAUK, CLN and partners to engage with policy makers; and
  4. Contribute to development of an advocacy contact database.


  1. Coordination of research work (sourced from academia, thinktanks, NGOs) related to EU, UK, USA, Canada policy and relevant legislative processes and social perceptions regarding SU and CBNRM and advising RAUK and partners on appropriate response, interventions, communication actions and networking allies;
  2. Source and update human rights-based data on policy and legislative processes to support RA policy and advocacy work;
  3. Technically support and coordinate research for upcoming RA-C participation at upcoming international meetings (CBD COP, CITES); and
  4. Document technical and scientific-backed evidence on SU and CBNRM.

Education and Experience

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in International policy; social sciences, communication or similar qualification;
  • Minimum of five years’ experience working in non-profit organisations, communications or advocacy work;
  • Understanding of media and policy landscape internationally and regionally;
  • Experience working in an international environment with special focus in Europe is preferred.
  • Fluent in English and French – proficiency in any other languages is an advantage; and
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and working independently.


Interested candidate should submit an application detailing their experience/CV with 3 referees to and cc: